Project 3: Photography

EstherBristol-01-LightOutsideLight – Outside

EstherBristol-02-InsideLightLight – Inside

EstherBristol-01-ForegroundFocus – Foreground

EstherBristol-02-backgroundFocus – Background

EstherBristol-01-lead room

Composition – Rule of Thirds

EstherBristol-02-Rule of Thirds

Composition – Lead Room

The first image I took I played around with the selective color tool in Photoshop for a bit to make the lamppost look a bit rusty. The second image is of my journal (which is written in Elvish runes) and the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings. I set it up under my desk lamp which has a nice candle-lit kind of color to the light bulb. The third and fourth picture, I toyed with metering to see how it focused on the foreground and on the background. It took me a while to figure out how to do that though.

My fifth picture The squirrel is on the left line that would cut the image into thirds vertically. There is also an imaginary horizontal line running across her eyes and at the tip of her tail. I had to chase her for quite a while to get her to actually look at me. The sixth image has lots of space on the right side so there is lots of room for anyone or anything to enter it.


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