Project 9: Portfolio


    • Portfolio (
    • Project Corrections / Time spent: 5 minutes on the flier re-sizing and realigning my text. 25 minutes changing the size and color of the text and adding the CDC Foundation’s mission statement to my Event Ad. 10 minutes on the Photo Design project giving more space to the title, fixing the spelling error and the pixelation which meant re-sizing it. 20 minutes on the Montage aligning and re-sizing the text to create more contrast, trying different alignments with the text and making the image a little brighter. 15 minutes on the Logos fixing the white-on-color logo and making sure they were all lined up properly. 25 minutes  on the Stationary project adding a design to the back of the business card and changing the size and color of the text and lines on the letterhead. 30 minutes on the Brochure changing the color scheme and moving the text on the front to inside the brochure.
    • Message: A collection of projects to display the skills I have learned this semester in Comm 130
    • Audience: Anyone interested in my designs
    • Top Thing Learned: How to use Master Pages in InDesign
    • Future application of Visual Media: I will take these skills with me to other communications classes and now that I know the basics of design, I can possibly design things for friends and family.
    • Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic yellow
    • Title Font Name & Category: Hazelnut Water, Decorative
    • Copy Font Name & Category: Gill Sans, Sans Serif
    • Thumbnails of Images used:waterleaf
    • Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site): : (It’s the same link)



5 thoughts on “Project 9: Portfolio

  1. I really like your design for your portfolio Esther!! I like the image you used for your background it is really clean and simple. I think the bubbles that you created are really cool and help tie in the underwater theme of your portfolio. I also really like your font choices, they work really well together. Your portfolio is very clean and well organized so it is fun to look at. Good job!! Check out my portfolio here:


  2. Wow, I am amazed with you projects overall. I really like you cover on your portfolio, it is really different. You have great repetition in each part of the portfolio. My favorite design in the portfolio is the “Photo design” project. Great presentation by the way in class. Good luck on everything!


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