Photobook Design


This is a template I created to showcase some of my photos in a photo book at the end of the semester. I took three of the pictures and edited the contrast and vibrance. The other three photos are public domain photos from the website

I found a font I liked for the headings titled Incredible Angel and a nice sans serif font for my paragraph called Kannada MN. I laid out the images a few different ways before I decided on a layout. I also added the swirl to add unity and an element of design.

Thumbnails of images from

portrait 3   download portrait 2   download portrait


10 thoughts on “Photobook Design

  1. Esther, I love how you have arranged your photo book. I especially love how you have arranged the portraits page as it has beautiful hierarchy among the images and text. I also love how you have the unity and repetition going with the little swirl design on the pages. I think that this layout will be beautiful if you chose to use it in your final layout. Great job and I can’t wait to see more. You can view my layout here: and Ethan’s here:


  2. I really liked your images. Especially the one with the rose. I don’t always like when things are centered in the image, but I do like how the rose is centered in this one. There is just something magical about it.

    I like how the right side of your phonebook laid out, but not so much the right side. I would suggest making it more similar to the right side.

    You can check mine out at

    You can also check these out.

    And if your looking for some inspiration for the semester, Chase Jarvis is killer.


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