Project 6: Up close and Personal (Macro)


EstherBristol-Dead Flowers

Dead Flowers



EstherBristol-Flower Water Drops

Flower Water Droplets

EstherBristol-Orange Water Drop

Water Drops on an Orange

All of these images were taken using a macro filter. Macro is one of my favorite ways to take pictures. I added just a little extra contrast to the dead flowers picture, a slight vignette for the jewel picture, and a Gaussian blur to enhance the blurriness of the background of the orange in Photoshop. I liked the flowers photo too much to change it.


4 thoughts on “Project 6: Up close and Personal (Macro)

  1. wow you really got some great shots! I really like the picture of the orange. I really like how blurred out the background is. I puts a lot of emphasis on the water droplets. Great job! keep it up!

    Wow you did a really great job with the piano. I really like the angles that you got. It was cool to see the inside and the outside of the piano. You did a great job with the lighting. Great job overall Im rally impressed.


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