Lighting with Reflectors

This week, we were practicing working with reflectors. I struggled to be creative with this while still seeing enough of a difference in lighting caused by the reflector. These are the pictures I took this week. I think we accidentally blinded Mark in the first one when we used the silver side. The one after it is a picture of him without the reflector. I tried to use the diffuser with Soyoung. For the last one, I tried using a black reflector though I didn’t have a professional reflector with me at the time. I improvised by creating a silver reflector with tinfoil and a cardboard box and throwing a black sweater over it. I know these aren’t that creative, but I’ll keep practicing and maybe I’ll get better. 🙂

Silver Reflector

Silver Reflector

Without Reflector

Without the Reflector


Using the Diffuser

Black Reflector

Using a black reflector (You can kind of see a bit more shadow on the face of the girl to the left).


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