I got lots of great portraits of my roommates this week. They are a very fun-loving group of girls and so some of the portraits are a little silly, but I think they still turned out nice and they do a good job of showing their personalities.

The first image is a side composition. I used a large aperture to blur the background. The only edits I made in Photoshop was to crop and widen the image a little, take out a few small blemishes and a random guy in the background. The only edits I made to the second image was to apply a slight Gaussian blur in Photoshop because the background was clearer than I would have liked. I lightened images 3-6 and took out a few blemishes, but otherwise they are unchanged. I brightened the eyes and teeth and took out a few blemishes for the 7th image, and did a color match on the eighth using Photoshop. I tried a color replacement on the ninth, blurring the pink color around her hair so that it looked a bit more natural.

EstherBristol-Side Composition

  1. Side Composition Portrait

EstherBristol-Head and Shoulders

2. Head and Shoulders Portrait

EstherBristol-Full Body

3. Full Body Portrait

EstherBristol-Interacting Portraits

4. Interacting Portrait

EstherBristol-Interacting Portraits 2

5. Second Interacting Portrait

EstherBristol-Natural Environment

6. Natural Environment Portrait (Mikaylee is going to be a teacher, so this is of her teaching in a classroom)

EstherBristol-Dodge and Blemish Edits

7. Portrait Touch-ups (Blemish and dodge edits)

EstherBristol-Match Color Portrait IMG_3954 IMG_3953

8. Color Match Portrait

EstherBristol-Color Replacement IMG_3966

9. Color replacement Portrait


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