Bannack Best: Portraits

These are some of my favorite portraits taken this last week at Bannack, MT. The only post-processing edits made in these were just to lighten the image and play with the levels panel in Photoshop. The first image was taken using a flash, as was the third, fifth, and sixth. I don’t know the name of any of the flashes except the one used on the fifth which was the Einstein strobe. The flashes used for the third images were smaller and on tripods.

The second image was taken in a dark room, and the subject moved out of the picture frame after about three seconds before the shutter closed. I did add a little extra lead room to the left of the image in Photoshop. The fourth image was taken using only natural lighting.


  1. Daydreamer

EstherBristol-Ghost Image

2. Ghost image

EstherBristol-Portrait in Fur

3. Portrait in Fur

EstherBristol-Proud Warrior

4. Proud Warrior

EstherBristol-School Teacher

5. School Teacher

EstherBristol-The Juggler

6. The Juggler


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