Bannack: Levitation and others

For the Levitation image, I pasted the empty room image on top of the image of the girl and masked her and a slight shadow from the bench into the original image. It was easier than trying to mask out the reflector and the bench. I didn’t do any other edits to that image other than that. My next image is my unique image. It is of a desk in the school house. The light was casting a shadow from the metal designs on the legs of the desk and you could see it through a hole in the top of the desk. I though it looked really cool. My last image is my conceptual image. It’s of a cellar cut into a little hill. It looked really dark and foreboding, so I titled it “Into the Unknown”.

EstherBristol-Bannack Levitation

IMG_4079 IMG_4080

  1. Levitation

EstherBristol-Out Of The Box

2. Unique/Out-of-the-box image

EstherBristol-Into The Unknown Conceptual

3. Into The Unknown conceptual image.

EstherBristol-Levitation 2

This is another levitation shot that my friend Mark Daniel got her to pose for and I snuck in a few shots while she was posing.


2 thoughts on “Bannack: Levitation and others

  1. Hey Esther! I really your concept image! I didn’t see that area when we were there, so I’m glad you were able to capture it. It looks so cool and creepy. Your images are all very unique. The lighting is great in the levitation and out of the box image. I love that you thought to look through the desk to capture the shadows being cast on the ground. Check out my post:


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