Themed Typography


EstherBristol-Cobweb strands EstherBristol-Cobwebs and String EstherBristol-Cobweb Package EstherBristol-CobwebCovered Window EstherBristol-Cobwebs  EstherBristol-Dead MothEstherBristol-Dead Spider EstherBristol-Fly WingEstherBristol-Nail  EstherBristol-Dark CobwebEstherBristol-Dead Moth and SpiderEstherBristol-Quote Bugs imageEstherBristol-Bugs Title imageWindows Design images


These are ten themed images of dead bugs and cobwebs I took in Bannack last week plus three images with typography and one fine art image. I didn’t do much to edit the themed photos except resize and add my watermark. I chose dead bugs to be my theme because they were all over Bannack. The first and second typography images only have one font on them, though it varies between bold, medium, and light. It is called Seravek. I used Olympic Branding Regular as the signature font on my fine art image and Oriya Sangam MN Regular as the title of my studio. I also used a font called Tarentula’s Web Regular, downloaded from


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