Fine Art Print

So this week for Comm 300 we are printing out our best fine art print. This one is probably the best image I have taken all semester and I’m pretty proud of it. Here is the image I have printed. EstherBristol-Original Fine Art Print

This one is the original. All I did to edit this one was resize it.

EstherBristol Fine Art Print Edited

This one is the edited version.

I took this image in Bannack, MT. It is of the hole in the school desks where inkwells would be placed. The desk leg was made of metal that had been shaped into curls and swirls and the light from the window made an intriguing shadow under the desk. I was pretty satisfied with the image, so the only edits I made to it were to play with the contrast a little, add a bit more vibrance using the color match tool in Photoshop, and add a bit more red to the image using the curves tool.


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