About Esther


Welcome! My name is Esther Bristol. I live in Tooele, UT, but I lived in Mandan, ND for 9 years before moving to Tooele in 2011.

I currently attend BYU-Idaho. I am a Communications major with an emphasis in Visual Communications.

I am a bit of a movie and TV show nerd. I love quoting movies with my peers and I love everything from “Star Trek” to “Pride and Prejudice”. I am especially fond of superhero movies like Marvel’s “Avengers”. ┬áBasically, if it is a movie that I can quote, I like it.

My family consists of my mother, Gwen, and my father, Trent, and my two siblings, Millie and Seth. There are four years between Millie and I, and fifteen years between myself and Seth. I am the eldest of the three of us and I love to tease my two younger siblings.

Feel free to explore my website and comment on anything if you have questions. ­čÖé


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